Monday, June 25, 2018
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Marine Seismic Support


Clients that require viewing and knowing the location of their assets and the activities that are happening on a project in real time have difficulty achieving that. In order to solve these problems, Meridian Surveys has developed a system that can be a solution for this requirement.

Meridian Surveys has developed a system with a Touch Screen Control that will present Menu Options which permit the Scouting Coordinator to mark specific events when a Fish Attracting Device, FAD, is located and removed. The event is immediately transmitted to the shore display, and presented on the Google Earth Display, or Base Map Web View, as a distinct icon. With this tool it is possible for the viewers on shore to understand at a glance the frequency and location of FAD’s encountered, thereby allowing for meaningful discussions with Fishing Authorities and Representatives concerning the impact of the survey.

The system provides reliable navigation for the Scouting Coordinator on the survey vessel, while presenting data in real time on a Google Earth platform so that all parties who are involved in the survey and have Internet access can monitor the situation as the scouting advances. It also includes a Satellite Telecommunications system from Thuraya for effective transfer of reports and instructions throughout the scouting. By monitoring movements of all vessels involved in the Seismic Acquisition, those overseeing the progress will maintain a reasonable understanding of the scope of fishing activity and shipping traffic in the survey area.

During the Scouting Phase, the objective is to learn the locations of hazards so that effective planning can be completed. Any person involved in the planning must have verified information about the hazard as quickly as possible. This applies to the planners at various locations on shore, as well as those on the Seismic Vessel, which could still be occupied with an on-going survey which is far away from the planned survey. 

Similarly with the Support Services phase, those supporting the operation from shore in order to oversee the logistics of port calls, for re-supply of support vessels, crew changes, etc., must have a valid overview of the operation, regardless of how large an area that may include.