Monday, June 25, 2018
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Vessel Tracking


Meridian has spent many years developing a compact, robust, versatile system that combines GPS and Inmarsat Networks and contains added intelligence. The terminal is able to utilize 2 way communication, IO monitoring, as well as proven high durability in the marine environment and has a long lifespan. With its small design, the installation of the tracking beacon can be done in less than a day.

Based on customer requirements, Meridian analyses, researches and proposes better ways of countering the problems customers have. Pick and match from our various accessories to extend the ability of 1 device and provide more functionality.

Meridian chooses Inmarsat as our satellite provider because of its wide coverage and consistent data delivery. Inmarsat and their partners have developed and researched many ways of utilizing their satellite services. They provide 3 categories to fit specific application needs.


  • IsatM2M/D+ network – small bandwidth data packet
  • IsatData Pro network – medium bandwidth data packet
  • BGAN network – broadband network /Ethernet


Due to technology enhancements and requirement to receive more information from offshore, Meridian developed various methods to utilize the IsatData Pro network to come with solutions to provide tracking and other short messages services from remote areas. We also continue to cater for simple requests for tracking assets by providing applications using IsatM2M network.

To track vessels/offshore assets, position information and a telemetry medium are required to transfer the information back to shore. Typically Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) is used to locate the asset. However GPS only provides the position information to local users. This position information then needs to be transmitted back to shore for further functionality. By combining satellite or radio communication medium, this position data can be transferred back to shore servers. Data can be stored, manipulated and distributed to the intended recipients hence improving the GPS application from a mere navigation tool to a tracking application. GPS position gives very good positioning accuracy. GPS has been widely accepted and is being used in many other applications that require position information.