Monday, June 25, 2018
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Data Transmission


It is common knowledge that GPS has revolutionized the science of locating any item, anywhere in the world. What is less well understood is that GPS is a passive system which only tells the actual unit where it is located. GPS is not able to inform anyone else about the location of the remote unit. Getting the location information from the remote unit to any other interested person or group requires some technology to transmit the data. The transfer of data from one location to another is referred to as “telemetry”.

As modern technology evolved, and the Meridian Vessel Tracking System continued to be developed over the past eighteen years, Meridian Surveys has always worked to integrate the latest, most efficient and most effective technologies into the Meridian Vessel Tracking System solution. While the Data Source has always been GPS, the Data Delivery has continually improved to always exploit the latest technology in the telemetry of the data from the remote asset to the Control Centre from which the remote operations can be monitored.

The following image demonstrates the various technologies in telemetry which have been integrated to delivery positioning data and other information from the remote assets to shore bases.

By integrating a wide variety of choices for the data link from the remote asset to the shore bases, Meridian Vessel Tracking System is able to provide a hybrid solution to the Data Delivery so the most effective, with respect to cost and reliability, and efficient technology is always applied.

As demonstrated in the image above, the existing options for data delivery include:

  • Inmarsat satellites in the form of IsatM2M/D+ network for small bandwidth data packet, and IsatData Pro network for medium bandwidth data packet.
  • Iridium satellites 
  • GSM cellphone 
  • AIS radio transponders.

This multi-disciplined approach is intentionally incorporated into the software architecture which has been set as the basis for the data delivery into the Meridian Database. 

In summary, the following choices exist for the reliable Data Delivery of the location of remote assets.