Monday, June 25, 2018
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GIS and Custom Mapping


Meridian also provides consultations for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) purposes as well as custom mapping. Custom base map layers such as pipelines, assets or hazardous areas could be defined and shaded so that the navigator knows the area is a restricted or hazardous area.

Meridian is able to provide custom base maps in several commonly used formats, which will allow our clients to easily import the layer into their navigation software or display.

Here is an example of our application showing a base-map which contains an Admiralty chart of Sabah waters, pipeline routes, AIS vessels in the surrounding work area and also vessels being tracked by Meridian tracking units. The Meridian application is not only able to import various formats but also able to export various mapping formats such as .TAB, .SHP, AutoCAD, .CSV and etc.


Another interesting fact regarding our mapping application is that the map is constructed/designed by personnel who are very experienced in survey and GIS hence the client can have confidence with the integrity of the map.