Monday, June 25, 2018
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DMR and IDP with Touchscreen



The terminals can be attached to a Proface Touchscreen, with the terminal providing GPS data and Inmarsat satellite communication and the Proface Touchscreen as user interface to send and receive operational commands and to monitor data. The terminal communicates with Inmarsat satellites, providing bidirectional and short-message data that offer robust, reliable and cheap communications to or from remote areas. Information from remote terminals propagates from satellite to server and uses standard internet connections to distribute the data from the terminal.


Our server will do most of the processing and tailors it into custom made information to suit our respective client’s need. The Proface Touchscreen is designed to integrate with the terminal to perform various functionalities to maximize the terminal’s capabilities. The Proface Touchscreen provides computation, message assembly, archiving of data and sending and receiving information via the terminal. By combining these two components, the user would be able to update their shore base with more information in digital form. 

Advantages of digital form are that the same information can be distributed, stored or archived accordingly and manipulated into useful reports or documentation that the shore manager would be able to assess, plan and manage their fleet and project in the most efficient way to reduce cost and time. The figure below shows an overview of the system.


The Proface Touchscreen design includes a polycarbonate case with IP-67 rating to provide good protection against the marine environment. The box contains a power supply, power converter, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery backup, RS-232 serial communications and a USB drive. The box also has a switch to enable the user to turn off the touchscreen device in event of power loss in order to enable tracking for longer period using the terminal through the backup battery.