Monday, June 25, 2018
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DMR800D with Power Supply and Alert Button



The DMR terminal is a self-contained, environmentally sealed unit. It includes an omni-directional antenna, satellite transceiver (modem), GPS (optional), programmable microcontroller, and several I/O (input/output) feeds capable of monitoring and controlling external sensors and devices. The DMR is suitable for a wide range of applications in both mobile and fixed installations. Embedded program logic called a script allows it to work as a stand-alone data-messaging terminal, with built-in I/O data collection and processing capabilities. Scripts are configurable either locally through the RS232 console port, or remotely over the satellite, so that modifying the configuration of an individual terminal in the field is possible without requiring a visit by a technician. 

Some example applications include: 

  •  Asset tracking 
  •  Fleet management 
  •  Remote surveillance 
  •  Maritime transport and security 
  •  Telematics 
  •  SCADA 



Below is a summary of the main features of the DMR-800D terminals:

  •  Integrated omni-directional satellite antenna and transceiver in a rugged IP67 enclosure 
  •  On-board GPS receiver (optional) with customizable geofence zones 
  •  Flexible custom scripting which allows monitoring and control of remote equipment, as well as autonomous reporting based on intervals or events 
  •  Four (4) configurable digital and analog input/output feeds for monitoring and controlling sensors and other devices 
  •  RS-232 interface 
  •  Over-the-air programming 
  •  Integrated Data Log 
  •  Low power sleep mode suitable for prolonged battery-powered operation