Monday, June 25, 2018
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Automatic Identification System (AIS)



AIS is an acronym for Automatic Identification System. AIS increases navigational safety and collision avoidance by transmitting vessel identification, helping to reduce the difficulty of identifying ships when not in sight (e.g. at night, in radar blind arcs or shadows or at distance) by broadcasting navigational intentions to other vessels by providing ID, position, course, speed and other ship data with all other nearby ships and land based stations. ComNav Mariner X2 AIS unit broadcasts and receives Class B AIS information which is (among others): 


  • Name of the Vessel
  • Speed (Speed over ground, SOG)
  • Position
  • MMSI Number
  • Call Sign
  • Vessel Dimensions
  • Type of Vessel
  • Heading
  • Course (course over ground, COG)


The information received from the AIS unit can be represented into a map plotter or recorded for analysing purposes. ComNav Mariner X2 AIS unit produces VDO (data from own vessel) and VDM (Data from surrounding vessels) data strings which are easy to read and process.


Standalone AIS for Boats


In case a work boat being chartered for a seismic or construction project isn't equipped with an AIS device; we can install an AIS device for the boat on behalf of the client and configure the device to broadcast mode which can be seen by other vessel's AIS display especially for the Seismic Vessel or mother vessel. This allows the seismic vessel or mother vessel to observe the work boat movement and activities in real time as the AIS is broadcasting at all time.