Monday, June 25, 2018
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About Us


Meridian Surveys is one of the pioneers in vessel tracking services since 1998 and has established enough experience to manipulate some of the latest technologies in order to bridge information without borders. Meridian is able to customize our applications and systems based on experience, serving the marine industry not only in the South East Asia region but also around the world. Our software is developed in-house and our hardware is assembled in our office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By combining various employee disciplines and skills, we are able to provide the best solution to fit each of Meridian clients.

Meridian also has a Control Centre Operator department which provides round the clock support to our clients every day. Meridian at the same time offers consultation services in order to share our ideas with others. Meridian not only offers high bandwidth voice and data communication devices for the marine industry but for other industries as well. Meridian is fortunate and honoured to be involved in oil exploration as part of the support of seismic operation.

Meridian has been entrusted by many oil operators as their vessel tracking solution provider. Faith gained from our capability to create custom solutions that cater specifically to our client needs, compared to off the shelf systems offered by other competitors. All the products and services provided by team members with experience in marine surveys and positioning.



Company Mission


Meridian applies the latest technology and techniques to provide maximum benefit to our Clients. We maintain a pool of employees which ensures the highest level of professionalism & service to our Clients by continuously adhering to these key goals, Meridian maintains its position as a strong and sustainable business, adding value by delivery of mission critical data to enhance our Clients’ operations.

Company Vision


By maintaining a culture that promotes uniqueness, a bias for action, and attention to detail, we will continue to grow our business for the long term, offering our Clients a level of service that is superior to that offered by our competitors.